Advantages of Mass Technology’s Mass Measurement System

  • Postpone API 653 internal inspection with Mass Technology tightness certification
  • Accuracy unaffected by fluid temperature changes
  • Non-intrusive, non-hazardous, and intrinsically safe
  • Minimal tank preparation
  • Zero tank stabilization time
  • Results are immediate, conclusive, and quantitative
  • Requires no capital investment by tank owner
  • Not affected by water at tank bottom or product stratification
  • Not influenced by roof or tank bottom structure
  • Tests any viscous fluid at routine operating conditions and capacity
  • Evaluated by an EPA-recognized, independent third-party laboratory

Avoid entry of aboveground storage tanks (ASTs).  Postpone API 653 internal inspections.  Mass measurement is accurate under all common ambient conditions. Tightness results for aboveground storage tanks are unaffected by temperature, water, or product stratification and no time is spent on tank stabilization.  We require only minimal tank preparation.  No person need enter the tank.  The process is non-intrusive, non-hazardous, and is intrinsically safe (no heat, no toxic or flammable fumes, no chemical reactions) using Nitrogen as the introduced agent. Test is performed under routine operating conditions and capacity, no need to take the subject tank out of operation. Our accurate results are immediate, conclusive and quantitative and backed by independent third-party laboratory evaluations.

Mass Technology’s Mass Measurement System can:

  • Supplement alternative inspection plans for API 653
  • Defer API 653 inspections
  • Evaluate tank bottom integrity after internal inspections
  • Perform periodic tank bottom assessments in accordance with API 653
  • Classify and prioritize tanks for future repairs
  • Document tank bottom integrity in conjunction with a hydrostatic test
  • Determine the existence of a suspected leak
  • Comply with regulations and company policies for leak detection programs

Save money by deferring API 653 inspections of aboveground storage tanks with Mass Technology’s Mass Measurement System .  Evaluate storage tank structural integrity and classify, and prioritize aboveground storage tanks for future repairs.